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(ophthalmological first aid)
surgery hours
in case of emergency:
Weekdays & Weekend
& legal holidays all day

Augenklinik Berlin-Marzahn
Brebacher Weg 15
12683 Berlin
Phone: 030/ 5 68 40 - 0




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Information for patients

Inpatient admission

When entering our lounge through the main entrance the clinic staff will welcome and inform you about the necessary pre-operative assessment. You are invited to savour a cup of coffee in our pleasing lounge until we escort you to the treatment rooms respectively to the ward in the main building or the guesthouse. Patients enduring a longer time of waiting will be offered a coupon for beverages. For inpatient admission, please, have with you the following documents:

  • The letter of admission from your ophthalmologist
  • The cost coverage agreement of your corresponding health insurance or any other insurance carrier
  • Your insurance chip card
  • An attestation of your general practitioner indicating the permission for surgery
Outpatient admission

On arriving at our clinic, outpatients are asked to report for registration on the right of the lounge (ground-floor). Please, have with you the following documents:

  • A letter of referral from your ophthalmologist
  • Your insurance chip card
  • For certain outpatient surgeries an attestation of your general practitioner indicating the permission for surgery

There are no objections to a patient’s self-admission as far as a clearly surgical indication is given (e.g. cataract) and the corresponding letter of admission is missing. In this case the clinic issues a letter of admission. The cost coverage must be acknowledged by the health insurance. Detailed information can be obtained by calling 030/568 40-0 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 030/568 40-0 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


Visitors are an important part of the healing process. We encourage family and friends to visit from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m., seven days a week and on the day of surgery usually from 3 p.m. till 7 p.m. We ask to observe the rest period from 1 p.m. till 3 p.m. in the other patients’ interest. Please, keep in mind that too many visitors could also be stress for you and other patients. Please, respect other patients’ privacy by using, for example, our premise in the lounge or - in fine weathers - the seating possibilities in front of the clinic or in its atrium. We can highly recommend a walk in the near Wuhlepark. Please, inform the nursing staff if you are going to be absent from the clinic – this is compulsory for the insurance coverage. Please, stay in your room during doctor’s visits, treatments and meals to be within reach.

Telephone / TV

Every inpatient room is equipped with cable TV and a bedside phone. Both TV and phone can be used against payment of a standing charge 24 hours a day. The costs are going to be billed when you are leaving the clinic. Outpatients or visitors may use the two coin-box telephones near the Reception which are activated for international calls as well. Mobile phones can emit signals which could interfere with medical equipment, such as cardiac pacemakers, and may cause harm to other patients. Due to this reason we kindly ask you to better switch off mobile phones in the areas of Augenklinik Berlin Marzahn.

Car park

It is not allowed to drive on the hospital grounds without a permit or valid parking ticket (with few exceptions). If requested, we will provide for you one of the 30 parking spaces on the clinic’s car park which is located outside the hospital site, but within reach. You will receive all necessary information at the Reception. Upon conclusion of a corresponding additional agreement a limited number of parking spaces is available during your inpatient stay at the hospital site near the guesthouse.

Food Service

We provide balanced and delicious meals as an important part of treatment and recovery. In order to guarantee this we have commissioned an excellent caterer which offers a variety of menu sets and prepares all meals properly. If you need specific dietary or require information about the offered food, ask to meet with the friendly hostesses. Please, use the selective menu to be found in your room. Apart from regular meals, cold and hot beverages are served on the wards at any time. We recommend our cafeteria in the historical clinic lounge to pick up small snacks or beverages or to sit down for a leisurely get-together.

Smoking and alcohol

It is not permitted to smoke on the ward floors and toilets as other patients could feel bothered and because of the fire risk. Thank you for your cooperation! According to the non-smoker protection law it is not permitted to smoke in hospitals since 1st January 2008. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited.

Storage of valuables

We advise to refrain from bringing valuables with you to the clinic. Use the in-room safe in your cupboard for personal items or smaller sums of money. In exceptional cases, it is also possible to deposit valuables in the office safe.

Special needs

An agreement about special needs can be reached between you and Augenklinik Berlin Marzahn as far as we are able to meet them and they will not interfere with the general clinic service. If you have any special requirements, please inform us when registering. We will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Time of discharge

The date of discharge is determined by the medical director or an authorised assistant medical director. He will present you or mail a physician’s letter for your ophthalmologist respectively for the doctor continuing your treatment. If you intend to be discharged against doctor’s order it must be declared in writing. In this case the clinic cannot assume liability for consequences resulting from this decision. This also applies to unauthorised leaving the clinic.

The usual time of discharge is by 11 a.m. at the latest. Before leaving the clinic, please inform the nursing staff of your ward.